Idaho Legislator Equates a Woman’s Right to Choose with Being a Prostitute

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Idaho Legislator Equates a Woman’s Right to Choose with Being a Prostitute

Robin Marty

If you are going to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term, why not getting paid for sex?

If a woman gets to choose to terminate a pregnancy, where will she stop? That was the question that came from Idaho Representative Ron Mendive at a luncheon when he debated Monica Hopkins of the ACLU. According to Mendive, if you support abortion, you must support every “choice” a woman makes, including selling sex.

Via the Spokesman Review:

Mendive asked the organization’s executive director, Monica Hopkins, if she felt the ALCU should support prostitution since it supports a woman’s right to choose abortion. Mendive then said that prostitution is also “a woman’s choice.” Hopkins said a woman’s right to reproductive health care is constitutionally protected, while prostitution is illegal. She also reminded Mendive that prostitution is not always a choice…

Mendive, who won the seat with the support of Idaho Chooses Life, considers Roe to be “an example of a law imposed by unelected judges. Result: a dismissal of an individual’s contribution to the legislative process.”

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Directly under that statement, on his candidate website, Mendive states “I believe that an individual’s health-care decision is between that individual and their health care provider.”

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