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Wyoming Legislature Will See Heartbeat Ban, Potential Ultrasound Bill in 2013

Robin Marty

Wyoming is usually known for its desire to see less government. That doesn't count when it comes to anti-abortion legislation.

The 2013 Wyoming legislature is planning its anti-choice bills for the year, and in both case they are heading straight for the heart.

Wyoming is the third state to consider a “heartbeat ban” that would make abortion illegal as soon as an embryonic heartbeat can be detected—as early as four weeks post conception. Ohio has already vowed they will bring back their blocked 2012 version and Mississippi has recently alluded to bringing their own failed version back for a vote as well.

The “heartbeat ban may be quickly becoming the favorite legislative bill of 2013, but Wyoming is considering a tried and true “informed consent” bill, too. In their version, the provider would be required to offer to play a heartbeat before an abortion, and provide gestational age and other information after a mandatory forced ultrasound is performed. Much like the version in Idaho that was blocked after intense public disapproval, the state would also provide a list of places that would offer free ultrasounds — a list that would be almost entirely if not exclusively religious based crisis pregnancy centers.

Wyoming only has one public abortion provider.

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