Ohio GOP Leader Promises Heartbeat Ban Will Be Back in 2013

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Ohio GOP Leader Promises Heartbeat Ban Will Be Back in 2013

Robin Marty

The Ohio legislature hasn't even sworn in yet and its new Speaker is already promising to bring up the Heartbeat Ban.

Ohio women received a short reprieve at the end of the 2012 legislative session, as a final attempt to pass the “Heartbeat” ban, a bill that would outlaw a large share of early abortions, was blocked by the outgoing Speaker Tom Niehaus.

This year, things are already looking much different for the bill. Despite the fact that new members of the body have yet to be sworn in, the new Speaker has already proclaimed he is ready to move on the bill. According to Innovation Ohio, House Speaker Bill Batchelder said that “there is no question” that the bill will be reintroduced at some point during the 2013 session.

Batchelder hasn’t been one to mince words about his enthusiasm for the proposed restriction, which he can’t wait to see become immediately enjoined as it spurs a legal battle. Shortly after the proposal passed the House initially back in 2011, Batchelder told Reuters that “We’re writing bills for courts.” Neither his priorities nor his zeal for a court fight appear to have been daunted by the protracted battle within the state’s own anti-choice factions or the senate’s refusal to move forward on the bill.

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