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CORRECTION: Eric Cantor Said WHAT About the Violence Against Women Act?!

Jessica Mason Pieklo

Seriously, Rep. Cantor.

CORRECTION:  This quote was passed to us today by a reliable source, and we have since found it can not be sourced. We therefore can not verify that Majority Leader Cantor said this. It is, however, we believe appropriate to note that given recent debates about “legitimate rape,” women’s bodies and rights from the GOP, and the fact that the House refuses to pass the Violence Against Women Act, it was not implausible for us to believe this to be true.

As House Republicans continue to obstruct on passage of The Violence Against Women Act, Rep. Eric Cantor offered this reasoning for why the House refuses to compromise.

“We blocked the Violence Against Women Act because the Senate forced it on us without our consent. I’m sure women understand.”

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