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Iowa Antis Want Stricter Abortion Restrictions Because, They Claim, Doctors Are Diagnosing Women’s Health!

Robin Marty

Apparenty in Iowa, only politicians should decide if a woman's health is at risk?

Many of the anti-choice movement’s arguments revolve around the idea that a politician should have more say when it comes to carrying a pregnancy to term than a woman and her physician. Now, a group of Iowa advocates would like to see doctors’ medical input thrown out all together.

A letter in the Iowa Times-Republican titled “Iowa’s abortion laws too relaxed” offers a laundry list of concerns that it is too easy to terminate a pregnancy in the state, including through tele-med abortions and because of the ability of teens to seek judicial waivers if a parental consent is not in her best interest. However, one issue the group has with the laws is downright alarming. “A doctor can interpret if an abortion is necessary for a woman’s health,” bemoan the writers.

And that is bad? Of course doctors would be the ones who say if a woman has a health issue. Who else should be allowed to make that decision, legislators?

Perhaps so. The letter then provides a list of candidates to vote for to remedy these “lax” restrictions.

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Who do you want making the final decision on your health—your doctor, or politicians and  priests?

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