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Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall Plans to Introduce Sex-Selection Abortion Ban

Robin Marty

Oh, Bob Marshall, way to get back in the headlines.

Virgina delegate Bob Marshall isn’t deterred by the fact that a federal gender-based abortion ban failed to pass. He’s decided instead to help it pass in Virginia, and is looking forward to 2013 as the year to get it done. Marshall told the Washington Times, “I don’t want us to become a haven for sex-selective abortion. It gets people to thinking that there’s a human being there that we’re not protecting.”

Marshall has a long and controversial history in supporting the end to legal abortion. In 2010, he became infamous for his comments that if you have an abortion, Nature will take vengeance on you by giving you a child with birth defects during a subsequent pregnancy. The following year he introduced a failed Personhood bill, that would allow any parent to sue for the loss of a pregnancy at any stage as “wrongful death.”

Along with a ban on so-called sex selection abortion, Marshall also proposed limiting the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate so employers would not have to offer contraceptives as part of their insurance plans. No doubt that has the support of fellow Delegate Dick “the Pill is a baby pesticide” Black.

Abortions in Virginia cannot be performed outside of a hospital setting after the first trimester, and the sex of a fetus can not be identified until roughly around 20 weeks gestation, or halfway through a pregnancy.

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