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Peterson: MCCL Just a Partisan Group Now

Robin Marty

Caught on tape, the Minnesota Congressman says what everyone all pretty much knew already.

Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson was one of the small handful of Democrats regularly endorsed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the Minnesota chapter of National Right to Life. That streak ended this year, as the organization decided to withdraw its endorsement based on his support of the Affordable Care Act. Now a secretly recorded video of the long time Representative makes it clear that Peterson isn’t surprised in the least by the group’s decision.

Via The Grand Forks Herald:

“They’re now a completely partisan organization,” he said in the video, in response to Engstrom’s questions about the MCCL’s endorsement decision. “When you get into that position, you’re done.”

He also said: “The only place it (the dropped endorsement) got reported is on MPR, and those people don’t listen to MPR.”

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[Kate] Engstrom, 20, made the video with a friend. She said she approached Peterson after the event on campus featuring a handful of Democrats because she wanted to speak to him about the lack of the MCCL endorsement.

Engstrom, the student who asked Peterson questions and “describes herself as a Republican” to the paper, is the Deputy Vice Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans and the president of the Concordia College Republicans. However, she says she is not connected either to a campaign or the anti-choice political group.

The move of MCCL to solely embrace Republican candidates is one that has been seen happening often at a national level, especially among conservative political action committees like the Susan B. Anthony List, which has opposed many anti-choice Democrats due to their support of health care reform. MCCL pulled their endorsement from Minnesota Democrat Jim Oberstar in 2010. Oberstar later lost his seat to Republican Chip Cravaack.

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