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They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: “It’s a ‘Gateway’ Drug For Abortion Mentality”

Robin Marty

If you use the pill, you're just going to end up mainlining abortions...

Note: Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception?  Think again.  Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming for your birth control.

Use a condom? You might as well be getting ready to shoot up Mifepristone, seeking out that abortive high. After all, once you have set yourself up as an “enemy” to your future offspring, you will find yourself abandoned to a life of “sterile” sex and thwarting natural law.

Nope, it’s not contraception folks, it’s the first step on a downward slope towards an addiction to abortions.

Via the Catholic News Agency:

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Abortion and birth control are two sides of the same coin. The currency of which is the prevention and/or the destruction of nascent human life. While some forms of contraception, such as the condom or the diaphragm, are not themselves capable of destroying human life, (as are many chemical contraceptives, including forms of the Pill, the patch, and IUDs) they are a kind of “gateway drug” into the abortion mentality.

For a woman – or a couple – who are seeking to avoid pregnancy by means of contraception, they have already set themselves up as being “against the beginning” of life. (From the Latin: contra: against, ception: beginning) As such, when the “unthinkable” occurs, be it breakthrough ovulation, or a broken condom, the new parents panic. They weren’t planning on getting pregnant; they were planning on having sterile, questionably unitive sex divorced from procreative sex. When their attempts to thwart nature and the moral law fail, they seek the next logical solution: abortion.

I’m not saying that any couple using contraception would be open to considering abortion, should their birth control method fail them. What I am saying is that the very act of using “birth control” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) pits prospective parents against prospective offspring.

In other words: they have made their children their enemies.

Even the Catholic church has given up on its opposition to condoms in narrow circumstances, but that’s not going to stop the most rabid of pro-natalist anti-choicers from condemning absolutely anything that might stop every sexual encounter from turning into a baby-making session.

So grab your rubbers folks, because they are going to take those, too, when they come for your birth control.

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