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Anti-Choicers Arrested in Front of White House While Protesting the ACA

Robin Marty

The group claims they need to stand against health care reform for the sake of the unborn.

Members of anti-choice groups The Christian Defense Coalition, the American Family Coalition, Priests for Life, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust and others gathered for some “civil disobedience” in D.C., as the groups staged street protests in an attempt to get arrested protesting the Affordable Care Act.

Many of the over 50 arrested were teens, according to the report. The protesters, who said they were recreating the “jailing of Peter and the apostles when they refused to stop preaching in public,” claimed that the mandate for no co-pay contraceptive coverage violated their religious freedom.

Via Infozine:

Ashley Baldwin, 23, a barista from Los Angeles, said that as a pregnant woman, it is very important to stand up for the rights of the child in the womb. “Since they are the most defenseless among us all,” she said.

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“The death toll in this country is outrageous – 1.3 million children are being killed just by abortion every year. That is not counting chemical abortion and contraceptives,” Baldwin said.

The movement, which is calling itself “ActsFive29” said that it will continue its attempts to get arrested protesting heath care reform. “Today our arrests will be voluntary, a living witness to the church and to the government — tomorrow arrest may be the only option if we are unwilling to pay to have someone’s child murdered.

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