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Warren Pulls Ahead in Massachusetts Polls

Robin Marty

Warren has gone from trailing to leading in two different senate polls.

The Massachusetts senate race continues to be tight, but Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren has now moved ahead of Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown in two different polls released this week.

Public Policy Polling has Warren at 48 percent to Brown’s 46 percent, after trailing him by two points a month earlier. According to PPP, the gain has mostly been in Democratic support, with Warren leading Brown 73 to 20 among Democrats last month to 81-13 currently.

Warren has also gone from trailing to leading in a Suffolk University/7NEWS poll, according to the Washington Post. She is now ahead of Brown 48 to 44, after trailing 48 to 47, although the results are within the poll’s margin of error.

Warren is leading 50 to 44 in a Western New England University poll, although that result is within the margin of error as well, meaning the race could be a statistical dead heat.

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