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South Carolina Politician Doubles Down on Assertion That Democrats “Belittle” the Unborn

Robin Marty

First abortions are a rite of passage, now it's Democrats who are being "belittling" in the debate over reproductive rights.

South Carolina GOP Chair Chad Connelly has no apologies over accusing liberals of believing abortion is a “rite of passage” for a teen girl, “like prom or a first car.” In fact, if anying, Connelly thinks he hasn’t made it clear how very, very much they hate “babies.”

Via The State:

In an interview with The State, Connelly defended his comments, saying he believes Democrats are “belittling the unborn” and that criticizing him is “just a distraction from how bad the president has failed us.”

“It just disgusts me. (Democrats) treat a baby’s life like it is meaningless,” Connelly said.

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It seems safe to say that Connelly isn’t the only one feeling “disgust” right now.

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