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Brown and Warren Tied In Massachusetts

Robin Marty

With less than two months until election day, the race is a nail biter.

Republican Senator Scott Brown, who maintains he is a pro-choice Republican, has drawn local support from both anti-choice Massachusetts organizations and pro-choice Republican ones. However, despite what would appear to be a broad coalition of backers doesn’t yet translate into higher polling numbers.

According to the most recent polling, the Massachusetts incumbent is in a statistical dead heat with his challenger, Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Political Wire reports that a new poll from Kimball Political Consulting has Brown leading Warren 46 points to 45 points, well within the margin of error. That also constitutes a five point decrease in Brown’s lead in just two weeks.

The tightening in the match up could be the result of any number of factors, ranging from a rise in support for Warren due to the Democratic National Convention and her speech at the event, or Brown’s avoidance of his own party’s convention a week prior, to Brown’s endorsements from both Massachusetts Citizens Concerned for Life and Republicans for Choice, a combination of endorsements that may leave voters more perplexed than before he was endorsed.

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