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For Anti-Choicers, It Really Doesn’t Matter What Happens After You Are Born

Robin Marty

Everyone protesting reproductive rights agree that abortion is wrong, but is it necessary to help children after they are born?

With so much attention at the Democratic National Convention focused on reproductive rights this week, it’s no wonder that the presence of anti-choice protesters makes for easy “balanced” journalism. There is an endless stream of eager activists ready to provide the contrast for any article being written about the event, and some reporters anxious to find a place where both sides could “agree” on issues may have fallen prey to hearing what they wanted to hear to advance their own storyline.

Operation Save America’s Flip Benham allegedly was able to find “common ground” with delegates and their guests, agreeing that the GOP doesn’t follow through on their promise to support “life” if they refuse to assist parents in finding food, health care, and other daily necessities after those babies are born.

“If you believe we should have kids you cannot support public policy that doesn’t help them when they’re here,” [Rev. Leanda Marshall] said when asked why she supports the Democratic Party

“You may not kill them before birth, but the Republican policies suck the life out of them once they are alive.”

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[Operation Save America founder Rev. Flip] Benham agreed with her, saying the entire government needs to be reformed.

The assumption is of course that Benham believes the government needs to be reformed to better assist those who give birth to children they cannot support. But that assumption is probably wrong, if an interview with another protester is any indication. The American Prospect learned first hand that anti-choice advocates’ interest in the well-being of a child ends directly after its birth.

What if someone said, “We will limit abortion and even outlaw it, but in exchange, we have to have universal health care, universal pre-K, government-funded contraception?”

No, one has nothing to do with the other. This is a moral issue, period. This whole free health care stuff is socialism and communism. It doesn’t work, it’s not going to work, and the Founders would be vehemently opposed to this stuff.

And well, [contraception] encourages sin and fornication. Have sex when you get married, and start a family as God intended.

Take away easier access to birth control then force you to give birth but then leave you with no resources with which to raise a child? No wonder so many people are concerned about reproductive rights this election cycle.

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