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New Hampshire Right to Life Falsely Attacks Planned Parenthood

Robin Marty

If they can't get the reproductive health organization defunded, they will settle for arrested.

New Hampshire’s anti-choice faction failed to de-fund the state’s Planned Parenthood organization via legislative bill. Now, they are accusing them of breaking the law.

Via the New Hampshire Union Ledger:

According to New Hampshire Right to Life, the clinics lost their ability to dispense birth control pills, RU-486, the morning-after pill and related prescriptions in June 2011, when the Executive Council voted to halt state participation in the funding of the clinics.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England subsequently obtained funding directly from Washington for clinics in Manchester, Derry, Claremont, Exeter, West Lebanon and Keene. The change in the funding source, however, may have affected the ability of the clinics to dispense prescriptions.

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Press freedoms are under attack now, more than ever.


State law requires a licensed pharmacist to dispense prescriptions, but it contains an exemption for family-planning clinics if they operate under contract with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

In April, Right to Life filed a complaint with the Board of Pharmacy claiming that exemption no longer applies.

Planned Parenthood argues that it does have a contract with the state’s department of health to administer vaccines, making it in fact a family planning clinic operating under contract with the state, so there is no issue.

I guess if you can’t beat them, file legal complaints against them.

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