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Colorado “Personhood” Volunteers Gather 80 Signatures Each

Robin Marty

Colorado's third attempt to force voters to reject personhood is on its way.

Personhood USA is excited to announce that they once more gathered enough signatures to put defining a fertilized egg as a full human with all implied legal rights on the election ballot in Colorado.

Via Daily Beast:

Leaders of the “personhood” movement—which seeks to ban abortion by defining human embryos as people with legal rights—said Monday that they had collected enough signatures in Colorado to put the initiative on the state ballot this fall. The signatures now need to be counted and verified by state officials.

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Personhood Colorado, a branch of the nonprofit Personhood USA—which is pushing for bills and ballot initiatives across the country—said in a statement that it had submitted 112,121 signatures to officials in Colorado and that 86,105 were required.

“Personhood” Amendment Sponsor Rosalinda Lozano congratulated the team of “nearly 1500 volunteers” for their effort gathering signatures, which means that at best, the group garnered about 80 supporters per volunteer. The group also claims the “engagement of 500 churches,” which would break the signatures down to about 250 per church.

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