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Another Anti-Choice Terrorist Says “Don’t Blame Me, Blame God”

Robin Marty

The converse of "the devil made me do it" is now being used in a new anti-choice activist's legal defense.

First Angel Dillard said it wasn’t her fault that she may have threatened the life of Dr. Mila Means, because God told her to write the letter. Now anti-choice clinic harasser Joseph Martone is going to try out the God defense, too.

Via The Colorado Springs Gazette:

Martone, who is disabled, carries a “Stop Abortion Now” placard on his walker and is a fixture at protests at Centennial Boulevard and Fillmore Street, near the Planned Parenthood Westside Health Center, 3840 Centennial Blvd. He said he was ticketed April 10 and April 19 after intentionally venturing onto the private property housing the clinic to get closer to patients approaching its doors.

Martone said he felt “called by God” to flout as many as 30 prior warnings by the clinic’s security staff.

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“If something comes over me and the spirit comes, I go walking on the access road,” he said, referring to an area from which protesters are banned.

Martone is being supported by a local clergyman who says it’s fine to break the law if it’s on the behalf of doing God’s work.

“If someone feels called by God to trespass to save a life, I will support them,” said Father Bill Carmody.

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