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Rick Perry Says “No Way” To Medicaid Expansion

Robin Marty

The Texas governor claims he's not letting his state expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

One out of every four Texans may have no health insurance, but to Republican Governor Rick Perry that’s no reason for the state to agree to the Medicaid expansion that would allow the state to implement the Affordable Care Act and get them medical coverage.

Via The Atlantic Perry stated:

I will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting my state in direct contradiction to our Constitution and our founding principles of limited government. I stand proudly with the growing chorus of governors who reject the Obamacare power grab. Neither a ‘state’ exchange nor the expansion of Medicaid under this program would result in better ‘patient protection’ or in more ‘affordable care.’ They would only make Texas a mere appendage of the federal government when it comes to health care.”

But will Perry really deny millions of Texans the ability to have coverage, just to stay true to his own rabidly conservative beliefs? Perhaps he thinks they can just pray the sickness away.

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