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Deportment Class Kickback? NY State Senator’s Family Benefits From TaxPayer-Funded Classes

Jodi Jacobson

An update on our story earlier today: New York State Senator Golden has cancelled his class to teach us gals how to get jobs. (Yes, I know, please contain your disappointment and act like a lady.) But now it turns out that the taxpayer funded event was being used to pay for a catering hall owned by Golden's family.

See our original story here.

As of this afternoon, public exposure of New York State Senator Marty Golden’s plan to use taxpayer funding to teach us gals how to be “feminine” appears to have been a bit overwhelming because Mr. Golden, who is anti-choice and anti-gay, among other things has canceled his class “Posture, Deportment, and the Feminine Presence,” according to Chris Bragg of City and State, which reported the original story.

Bragg reports that Golden has now removed references to the event teaching how to “Sit, Stand and Walk Like a Model” and how to “Walk up and down a stair elegantly” from his Senate website. The class was ostensibly intended to help women to get jobs… You know… the kind where the most important job skill is whether you “walk like a model.”

What I find interesting about the newest information is this nugget from Bragg:

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The event is being held in Bay Ridge Manor, the catering hall formerly owned by Golden, which is now owned by Golden’s brother and run by his wife.

So let me get this straight: An anti-tax, anti-public servant, anti-choice, anti-LGBT, anti-health reform GOP representative is using public funds to pay for events in his family-owned catering hall?

Is this the Deportment Kickback?

And just how many such taxpayer-funded events is GOP State Senator Golden hosting as a way of benefitting his family?

Bragg quotes Golden spokesman John Quaglione saying: “In these economic times, when so many people are out of work, and graduating with advanced degrees to set themselves apart in the workplace, events such as these are also important. Senator Golden hosts a multitude of events annually, and this is our first event of this kind, and we hope it to be successful and benefit those who attend.”

Yes, if you include among “those who attend” the family members that own the property being rented with taxpayer money to suggest to women that all they need to do to get a job is to shut up and look pretty.

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