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NAE Told To Stop Working With “Pro-Contraception” Group To Reduce Unintended Pregnancy

Robin Marty

Evangelicals want less abortion -- as long as it's because people aren't having sex.

In yet another reminder of why it’s hard to take anti-choicers seriously when they claim they only really care about ending abortion, a conflict within the ranks of Evangelicals is growing larger, and the National Association of Evangelicals is under pressure to stop advocating for widespread access to contraception to reduce unintended pregnancies.  

The problem? They are working with a group that is “pro-contraception.”

Via Christianity Today:

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which encourages the widespread use of contraception in order to reduce unplanned pregnancies, funds the Generation Forum’s research, publications, outreach, and staff. Previewing a forthcoming World article, editor in chief Marvin Olasky critiqued the two organizations as “strange bedfellows”—largely because the National Campaign receives substantial funding from the Hewlett Foundation, which funds many pro-abortion groups.

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In response, the Manhattan Declaration urged its followers to tell the NAE to stop using National Campaign funding because the campaign’s goals are “incompatible with [our] faith convictions.”

“Reducing unintended pregnancy is a laudable goal, but here, as in all things, how matters a great deal,” the Manhattan Declaration stated in a blog post (since removed). “If, as in this case, it is through programs that undermine God’s plan for sex in the context of marriage, we must not compromise our values.”

Despite the ongoing failures of abstinence-only education, many organizations are still adamant that the only legitimate sex is that which occurs between a married, heterosexual couple, and that imposing this view on everyone is a more important goal than ensuring sexually active people have access to contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy. Is it any wonder that the “we want to end abortion” line doesn’t ring true?

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