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Governor’s Veto Of New Hampshire Bill That Could Endanger IVF Upheld

Robin Marty

Although the veto of the so-called "partial birth abortion" ban was over-turned, the Governor's veto of H.B. 217 was not.

The New Hampshire legislature failed to override Governor John Lynch’s veto of H.B. 217, a “death of a fetus” bill so vague that some in the infertility community worried it could endanger the in-vitro fertilization.

Resolve New England, who had lobbied against the bill, called it a victory for those who require infertility treatments. Executive Director Erin Lasker said via statement:

On behalf of RESOLVE New England, I want to personally thank New Hampshire Governor John Lynch and the members of the House for recognizing the importance of the New Hampshire infertility community’s access to care in their home state. We applaud all legislators and officials who recognized that House Bill 217 was not medically sound nor grounded in medical science.

The body did manage to override the governor’s veto of a so-called “partial birth abortion” ban, which allows no exceptions for a woman’s health and requires two doctors from two different hospitals to independently verify a woman’s life is in danger before a procedure can be performed.

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