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Ohio Proposes “Sex-Selective Abortion Ban”

Robin Marty

The state proposes adding yet another abortion restriction to its books.

Spurned on by the alleged instances of “gender-based” abortions in the country, Ohio is considering trying to ban the practice.

Via the Columbus Dispatch:

[Rep. Cheryl] Grossman and Rep. Matt Lynch, R-Bainbridge Township, modeled the bill after the federal proposal known as the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act [PRENDA]. The bill would require medical professionals to report any violations, and patients would be exempt from liability.

“I believe that every life is precious, and I am appalled that this practice exists in our nation,” Grossman said. “The innocent lives being ended by this horrific and inexcusable practice must be stopped immediately in Ohio.”

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PRENDA failed to pass the House nationally when proposed by Rep. Trent Franks.

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