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New Hampshire Governor John Lynch Vetoes So-Called “Partial Birth” Abortion Ban

Robin Marty

Lynch vetoes the bill, calling it redundant.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has vetoed the state’s attempt to make illegal a non-existent procedure created by anti-choicers and known now as “partial birth abortion,” saying that due to a federal ban, a state ban is unnecessary.

Via The Boston Globe:

Supporters of the bill have said they don’t trust the federal government to prosecute its law. But Lynch said the federal law makes a state version unnecessary.

In his veto message Friday, Lynch also said the state version went too far in requiring that two physicians from separate hospitals must determine that a woman’s life was in danger before performing a partial-birth abortion.

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The “Partial Birth Abortion” ban was one of only two bills that managed to pass the legislature this year out of a handful of anti-choice legislation.

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