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Susan B. Anthony List Doublespeak: Wanna End the War on Women? Take Away ALL Choices

Robin Marty

In an attempt to invoke "1984" the "women's" political group seems to claim real choice is having no choice at all.

Susan B. Anthony List has begun their 2012 presidential election advocacy with a new “1984”-style web video that ironically is the very essence of “doublespeak.”

Called “Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity,” the SBA video recites a list of categories that females must agree to in order to be declared a woman — ranging from the oppressive belief that contraception should be accessible to all, to the idea that pregnancy and childbearing doesn’t have to be the automatic consequence of having sex.

The real war on women, according to the ad, is the attempt to force everyone to believe as the president believes — that all women should have the right to control their own bodily autonomy. That, according to SBA, is oppressive. Instead, women should have the freedom to choose to follow their “faith and conscience” and not allow women choices at all.

Confused?  You should be, because that is the point of “doublespeak.”

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