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Credit Union Uses Boobs For Marketing Campaign, Tells Critics Next Time They’ll Try Not To Mail Them

Robin Marty

Don't like the way the bank uses women's breasts to get business? Don't worry, next time they'll "exclude you from the mailing."

If the object of United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU)’s latest advertising campaign was to get people’s attention, it appears to have worked. The credit union, which is located at the Hart Senate Office Building (although it isn’t officially associated with the Senate itself), sent out a recent mailer to customers that featured a pair of large breasts — and nothing else.

Via Roll Call:

In a folding mailer sent recently to its patrons, the bank — unaffiliated with the Senate but with a branch in Hart Senate Office Building — asks “Got Big Plans?” before having unsuspecting customers open a pop-up centerfold featuring a headless torso of a buxom blonde.

“Preparing for life change can be overwhelming … you have to live through it AND figure out how to afford it,” the mailer, obtained by Roll Call, reads. “That’s where we come in. The US Senate FCU is here to help. We can propose products and services to assist you with financing everything big and small.”

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The Roll Call reporter was fairly unamused (“Hey Senate Federal Credit Union, our eyes are up here!”), as was one recipient, who started a petition to get the bank to apologize for using women’s bodies to try and drum up business.

And it worked — sort of. Representatives from USSFCU have stated that the next time they have a sexist mailer implying you might want to invest in bigger boobs, they’ll try really hard to only send it to people who won’t be offended by it.

We sincerely regret the message we conveyed did not meet with your approval.   Our marketing efforts have evolved with the times as we seek to relate to various life events of our membership.  These may include paying for such traditional things as for weddings, children’s braces, and purchasing autos but also more personal activities that many people seek nowadays. We recognize any of these may not directly relate to anyone’s personal situation, and we will make every attempt to exclude you from future mailings.

Marketing at its best.

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