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Susan B. Anthony List Profits Off Large Donations From Mysterious Group Associated With Koch Brothers

Robin Marty

A million dollars can go a long way in defeating pro-choice candidates.

When it came to picking which races to focus on in 2010, and despite claiming to be both a supporter of women candidates and exclusively concerned with abortion legislation, the Susan B. Anthony List’s target list looked very reminiscent of pretty much every other Republican special interest group.

Now, we may know the reason. It was receiving huge donations from a mystery group also funding nearly every other GOP special interest PAC: Center to Protect Patients’ Rights. According to Think Progress’s Lee Fang, the shadow PAC was run by Koch Industries favorite operative, Sean Nobel, and dispersed over $44 million in funding to party PACs and 501c4s.

Including anti-choice political groups.

The Susan B. Anthony List, which received $1,025,000 from the Center, ran ads in 2010 accusing Democrats of funding “overseas abortions” and passing a health care bill that “requires Americans” to finance abortions (a claim labeled false by experts). The group, which spent over $11 million two years ago, even ran pro-life attack ads against Democrats who oppose abortion rights. Other forced pregnancy groups financed by the Center include Nebraska Right to Life, Concerned Women 4 America, and Americans United for Life Action. Americans United for Life Action received $559,000.

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With even more riding on the 2012 election, and even less disclosure in super PAC spending, the amounts the groups could receive this year is literally limitless.

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