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Wisconsin Right To Life PAC Works To Mobilize Anti-Choice Voters In Wisconsin Recall

Robin Marty

In a recall election that it likely to come down to who can better turn out voters, Wisconsin Right To Life plans to motivate "tens of thousands of right-to-life supporters" to vote for Walker.

In less than three weeks, a monumental election will be held in Wisconsin, where for the first time the governor could potentially be recalled and replaced before his official term in office is ended.

But anti-choice activists in the state are determined that doesn’t happen.

To defend Republican Governor Scott Walker, anti-choice group Wisconsin Right for Life has enabled its political action committee arm, dedicating web pages, videos and candidate bios on behalf of Walker’s candidacy.

PAC Director Susan Armacost told, “The stakes for unborn children in these recall elections are extremely high. The Wisconsin Right to Life Election Center will be very helpful to the tens of thousands of right-to-life supporters who will head to the polls on June 5.”

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The announcement is significant.  With polling showing that most of the people planning to vote have already decided who they will support, the victory is likely to belong to whichever candidate can better motivate and mobilize his voters. It was that lack of enthusiasm on the Democratic side that likely lost Barrett the governor’s mansion in 2010 (and turned over the House and Senate into Republican control as well).

When it comes to the ground game leading up to the recall, Democrats are already dealing with an uneven playing field.  Besides being the incumbent, which naturally leads to more resources and support, Walker has the entirety of the Republican establishment backing him up both with manpower and financial assistance. The GOP, aware that a win here could provide a great deal of momentum heading into the 2012 general, have been going all in, with support from a wide variety of conservative and party based groups.

Barrett hasn’t been nearly as fortunate. Pleas to the Democratic National Committee begging for money to fund the infrastructure in the state have until recently been largely ignored, much to the disappointment of local and national supporters alike. Without a significant assist on election day, all of the effort activists put into actually initializing a recall could peter out before the actual vote itself.

The Wisconsin recall is June 5th.

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