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Does Romney Need a Plan B For His Latest Fundraising Trip?

Robin Marty

The likely Republican nominee will be attending a fundraiser sponsored by the head of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures emergency contraception.

Considering how up in arms the social conservatives became when they learned that Texas Governor Rick Perry had received financial contributions from the same pharmaceutical company that manufactured the HPV vaccine, we can only expect to hear the same uproar now that likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be attending a fundraiser sponsored by the producer of Plan B, right?


Wait, is that crickets I hear?

Via Think Progress:

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The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo reports that next week the Romney campaign will be doing a major fundraising blitz across Florida, including an event “at the Star Island manse of pharmaceutical magnate Phil and Pat Frost where dinner costs $50,000.”

Who is Dr. Phil Frost? He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teva Pharmaceuticals, a major manufacturer of contraceptives. Its North American website prominently advertises several forms of contraception, including Plan B One Step, which Romney previously denounced as an “abortive pill”.

I believe Rick Perry would like an apology now.

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