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Pushback In Jackson Hole Forces “Missionaries” To Cancel Day Two of Protests

Robin Marty

Looks like the Wisconsin anti-choice protest group doesn't deal well with opposition.

“Missionaries to the Pre-Born,” the rabid anti-choice group that grabbed headlines in North Dakota last week with their graphic posters of dead fetuses and sidewalk “preaching” in front of the state’s only abortion clinic, no doubt thought they would replicate their success when they went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to set the stage for the rest of the “States of Refuge” tour.

Instead, they’re leaving town early.


The first of two anti-abortion demonstrations planned in Jackson has been cut short.

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Members of the Milwaukee-based Missionaries To the Pre-Born lined Broadway on Monday and had planned to return on Tuesday. However, spokesman Jim Soderna told the Jackson Hole Daily ( ) that they’ve canceled Tuesday’s action because of a scheduling issue.

So did a scheduling conflict really pop up? Or was it the unexpected push back from a quickly formed citizen’s group called Jackson Hole United, which showed up on street corners as “human detours” with signs pointing alternative routes for motorists and pedestrians to take to avoid the street corner protests?

Either way, Jackson Hole now has 10 days to rest before the next wave of the tour descends. 

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