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University of Washington Students Apparently Don’t Believe Women Have “Too Many Rights”

Robin Marty

A sponsored event at University of Washington turned into a bit of a free for all after students made it clear that women don't have "too many rights."

When the panel is entitled “Do Women Have Too Many Rights?” you would think it would be a one-word presentation. “No.” But anti-choice activist Abby Johnson apparently got a little more of an animated audience than she expected when she showed up on the University of Washington campus for her speaking engagement.

Johnson’s event, sponsored somewhat silently by UW Catholic Newman Center’s Respect Life Student Group (yes, I actually had to dig around to find out who was putting on the talk) was allegedly meant to discuss if “the woman’s right to her body more important than the child’s right to life?” 

But when protesters arrived and took over the event, it instead turned into an on-the-spot rebuttal of Johnson’s words.

Via The Daily:

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The atmosphere of the room was everything but calm as the audience shouted and raised their signs, interrupting Johnson as she tried to speak.

“Citation needed” and “liar” were common phrases heard throughout the talk.

“I think the most offensive part is the just the scientific inaccuracy,” UW freshman Robin Sacks said. “She’s saying that because the fetus moved, that means it was feeling pain. Really, they don’t have the capacity to feel pain yet.”

So do women have too many rights?  They definitely have the right to protest, and many students took full advantage of that right at least.

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