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Alabama Democrats Filibuster TRAP Law

Robin Marty

The group slowed down the legislative process to protest a bill designed to greatly raise the cost of abortion, as well as a bill that would increase court fees.

Alabama Republicans may have fast-tracked anti-choice legislation out of committee this week, but Democrats fought back with a filibuster that stopped a TRAP bill from getting a vote.

Via the Associated Press:

Democrats in the Alabama House spent more than eight hours Thursday in delaying tactics.

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[Democratic Rep. Thomas Jackson of Thomasville] said Democrats were also concerned about a bill to add to the rules and regulations facing abortion clinics. “It’s just more government,” Jackson said.

Still, Republicans are looking for an opportunity to try again.

[Rep. Mary Sue] McClurkin said she will try again to bring the bill up for debate.

“This is so important for women’s health. I think we need to do everything we can to put these regulations in place,” McClurkin said.

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