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Texas Governor Rick Perry Uses “National Day Of Prayer” To Attack President On Abortion

Robin Marty

While Perry prays for the president, who will pray for all of the poor and uninsured losing access to health care?

Texas Governor Rick Perry is knee deep in litigation as he fights the Obama Administration over the exclusion of Planned Parenthood affiliates from the state’s Women’s Health Program.

But he still finds the time to take a moment to pray for the President.

May 3rd is National Day of Prayer, and Perry has declared it Texas Day of Prayer as well. And what is the governor of one of the largest states in the country, with one of the highest teen pregnancy rates, highest rates of unintended pregnancy, and largest uninsured population praying for?

Oh, yes. That the President will start taking away women’s reproductive rights.

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According to the Associated Press, “Perry, who opposes abortion, said he hoped Obama ‘truly understand God’s will to protect innocent life. I pray for his true understanding of God’s will for this country.'”

Less in need of protection? The hundreds of thousands of Texas women who will be without preventive reproductive health care and even basic contraception, all in the name of his ideological quest to “end abortion.”

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