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So How Much Time Should Ed Henry Serve For “Coercion?”

Robin Marty

A lawmaker intent on eliminating abortion rights tells about regret over his involvement in a girlfriend's abortion.  But does he want to serve time?

An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Ed Henry is a legislator from Tennessee.  Ed Henry is a Representative in the Alabama House of Representatives.  We regret the error.

Tennessee Alabama lawmaker Ed Henry is working hard to pass anti-choice legislation in the state.  His reason?  To atone for an abortion that he “allowed” his girlfriend to have 20 years earlier. 

Via The Times Daily:

“I murdered my first child,” Henry, a freshman Republican, told a crowd at an anti-abortion rally outside the Statehouse.

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Henry, 41, said he went with his girlfriend, whom he didn’t name, when she had the abortion.

He said they had made the decision to abort together, but today he said he places most of the responsibility on himself.

“There was discussion and talk about it, but I do feel a heavy burden from the decision,” he said.

And it was his experience and regret years later that have made him an anti-abortion advocate, he said.

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