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New Hampshire Abortion Opponents Admit Bill Is Probably “Flawed,” But Don’t Care

Robin Marty

Limiting a woman's right to a legal procedure is way more important that ensuring a perfect bill.

The New Hampshire senate is currently debating abortion restrictions in committee, and anti-choice politicians aren’t going to let a little thing like a not-very-well-thought=out bill get in the way. The “right to know” bill has already been amended to remove a mandatory video that shows fetal development, and now it looks as if they might need to retool their 20-week post-fertilization “fetal pain” ban, too.

Opponents of the ban have pointed out that no one performs abortions that late in the state, and that there is no exception if the fetus has severe medical issues.

The response from supporters?  “Who cares?”

Via The Union Leader:

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Kurt Wuelper, the president of New Hampshire Right to Life, said that this may be “a flaw” in the bill. But, he said, “I urge members when talking about this to at all times remember there are two lives here, the woman and the baby,” he said.

Writing a bill specifically to target a procedure that is never performed in the state except when the fetus has issues so severe that it would not survive long after birth, and then refusing to allow an exception for that very issue?  That seems like more than just “a flaw.” That appears to be a very deliberate act.

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