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How The Wisconsin Recall Might Effect Reproductive Health

Robin Marty

Anti-choice advocates are anxiously supporting Governor Scott Walker, saying birth control and abortion may lie in the balance.

Governor Scott Walker was elected with a great deal of support from anti-choice voters, especially those who believe in limiting access to both abortion and birth control.  With the backing of Pro-Life Wisconsin, the state’s most rabidly anti-choice action group, Walker managed to win the governor’s mansion as part of a historic sweep that brought the House, Senate and Governorship all under Republican control.

No wonder anti-choice groups are getting so nervous about the recall.

According to Lifenews, “there is much at stake for unborn children.”

Scott Walker’s life-saving work as Governor has earned him the praise of Wisconsin Right to Life, the state’s largest pro-life organization.

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“Governor Scott Walker is a champion for life,” said Susan Armacost, Legislative Director for Wisconsin Right to Life.  “Wisconsin Right to Life has had the pleasure of working with Scott Walker since he was first elected to the State Legislature where he was a dynamic leader for the right-to-life cause. And now as Governor, he is courageously working to protect taxpayers, women and babies from the scourge of abortion. There is no one in our nation more committed to building a culture of life than Governor Scott Walker.”

Culture of life?  Some may disagree, especially when it comes to his silence over the recent bombing at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin.

Walker pleased the pro-life base by cutting $1.9 million in funds to Planned Parenthood for routine cancer screenings and other preventive health care–specifically targeting clinics in the area where the bomb blew up. Working with pro-life Republican legislators, he also passed with a raft of anti-birth control, anti-sex ed, and anti-choice legislation in the recently concluded legislative session in Wisconsin.

Yet even Wisconsin Right To Life issued a statement condemning the Planned Parenthood clinic bombing.

Somehow, neither Walker nor [presidential candidate Mitt] Romney found the time to say anything at all about this instance of domestic terrorism.

If the recall election is about life, shouldn’t it be about women’s lives, either their health, their autonomy, or their right not to put their lives in jeopardy to obtain health care services? 

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Reproductive rights are a public health issue. That's a fact.

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