Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Bomber: “I Lit Up the Clinic”

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Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Bomber: “I Lit Up the Clinic”

Robin Marty

The suspect in the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood clinic bombing showed no remorse at his hearing.

Suspected Planned Parenthood Wisconsin clinic bomber Francis Grady is no longer “suspected,” as the man admitted in today’s court hearing that he was in fact responsible for Sunday night’s bombing.

Via Fox News:

Grady made the comment during his initial appearance in federal court Wednesday. He also asked the judge if he knew how many babies were being killed at the clinic.

According to the criminal complaint, Grady used a hammer to break a window of the clinic and then poured gasoline inside, lighting the room on fire.

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After being arrested, the complaint states Grady admitted to officers, “I lit up the clinic.”

Grady was apprehended Monday after police discovered a vehicle matching the one in the surveillance tape involved in a nearby accident.

According to Talking Points Memo, police were working under the suspicion that Grady had been involved in at least one anti-choice protest in the past.  Federal authorities have already stated that a FACE charge is likely to be filed regarding the case.