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Anti-Choice “Activists” Leaflet Clinic Owner’s Neighborhood, Compare Him To Nazis

Robin Marty

Waiting until they knew he was out of town, a group of anti-choice protesters tried intimidate a clinic owner by leafleting his neighborhood.

Todd Stave is used to seeing the clinic he owns in Maryland be picketed by protesters. Sadly, he’s even grown used to seeing his children’s school targeted, too.

But his neighborhood? That’s a new one.

According to Washington Jewish Week, Stave discovered that anti-choice protesters blanketed his neighborhood with fliers comparing him to a Nazi, and showing graphic “aborted fetus” photos, all while he was out of town accepting an award for his work in reproductive health. Stave, who owns the clinic that employs Dr. Leroy Carhart, was being honored by NARAL Pro-Choice America at the time.

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In the flier, Stave is depicted in a Nazi uniform much like the one Nazi SS commander Heinrich Himmler is shown wearing. Next to Himmler’s photo are the words “responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children.” The words next to Stave only differ at the very end. Instead of men, women and children, the flier states Stave is “responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent pre-born babies.”

The flier lists the website KickOutCarhart.Com and WholsToddStave.Com at the bottom. Dr. Leroy Carhart, a Nebraskan physician and retired Air Force officer, is affiliated with the Germantown clinic. He has spoken out against partial birth abortion bans.

Montgomery County Police Officer Rebecca Innocenti confirmed that the fliers were distributed and said that the Vice and Intelligence Unit is investigating the matter.

Of course, the leafleting of the neighborhood serves two purposes — to try and rally neighbors against Stave, and to try to make Stave feel as uncomfortable as possible in his own home. 

Because any form of bullying and intimidation is completely justifiable when it comes to anti-choice activism.

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