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Illinois Democrats Use “Poison-Pill” to Foil Passage of Forced Ultrasound Bill

Robin Marty

A myriad of amendments have been attached to the proposal in an attempt to kill the entire bill.

Democrats in the Illinois House have found an ingenious way to foil passage of a forced ultrasound bill.

Poison-pill amendments.

A poison-pill, an amendment or rule in an agreement usually meant to negate an entire deal, is often used in contract negotiations.  Now lawmakers are using the tactic on the legislative floor.

According to

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The amendments approved in committee would: tighten regulations on who can perform ultrasounds; require disclosure of the cost of the ultrasound; extend the ultrasound requirement to dozens of other medical procedures; tie insurance coverage of erectile dysfunction medication to that of birth control pills; and require counseling for men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The original sponsor of the bill, State Rep. Joe Lyons, needless to say is unhappy with what he calls these “hostile amendments.” 

“If you want to kill my bill, kill it on the House floor,” said Lyons.

“Men’s Health” protest laws have been popping up all over the country, requiring exams for erectile drugs, vasectomy disclosures and so on, but this appears to be the first time a proposal has been used to actively attack anti-choice legislation.  Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.

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