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Kentucky House Committee Rejects Forced Ultrasound Bill

Robin Marty

The bill, which is proposed each year in the state legislature, once more has died in the Health committee.

With legislature all over the country apparently beset with “forced ultrasound” fever, Kentucky state Senator Joe Bowen may have thought a perennial mandatory ultrasound proposal would have sailed through a yes vote.

He was wrong.

The House Health and Welfare Committee overwhelmingly rejected Bowen’s bill on a 9-5 vote, according to the Appleton Post Cresent, citing the need for medical decisions regarding abortions to rest between the woman and her family. Rep. Darryl Ownes explained:

“Most women, I think, probably have enough sense to know what they want to do,” Owens said. “And I think most women, if they do this, have not done it on the spur of the moment…I don’t know why we should legislatively get between a woman and her physician.”

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Other anti-choice bills that did not make it to the House floor for a vote?  A ban on tele-med and a “heartbeat” ban forbidding termination if the doctor can find an embryonic or fetal heartbeat.

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