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Kansas Rep. Pete “Rape is Like A Spare Tire” DeGraaf Stands Up for Deadbeat Dads, Against Women

Kari Ann Rinker

Representative Pete “Spare Tire” DeGraaf (R) was at it again in the Kansas House this week, speaking against an amendment that would have provided the women of Kansas outstanding child support.

Representative Pete “Spare Tire” DeGraaf (R) was at it again in the Kansas House today. You might remember Pete as the Kansas Representative who equated a pregnancy resulting from rape to the inconvenience of a flat tire. 

Today, DeGraaf chose to step up to the microphone in the Kansas House of Representatives to speak against an amendment that would have provided the women of Kansas with outstanding back child support.  Kansas is not the first state to suggest such a policy, from the Chicago Tribune

In four states that already have chosen to withhold winnings from parents who owe child support, the Chicago Tribune found the systems have proven effective, collecting nearly $3 million while creating few hassles for casinos.

The amendment was attached to a 71-page bill dealing with several provisions cleaning up Kansas family law code. Anti-choice Representative Mike Kiegerl offered the amendment. Here is the amendment language…

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The Kansas lottery and all lottery facility managers and facility owner licensees shall conduct searches of the child support debtor’s registry to ensure that an offset of past due child support is made against the winnings of any person who wins a prize or wager valued at $1,200 or more.

Representative Sean Gatewood (D), who has proven to be a stalwart for the rights of Kansas Women this session, stepped to the microphone in favor of the amendment. 

DeGraaf could have just voted against it, but he has proven that he cannot pass up an opportunity to speak out against the best interests of Kansas women. He stated that the bill was far too complex to be adding additional components to it. Representative DeGraaf was among those that voted to add an amendment to the budget bill that could lose KU Medical School its ob-gyn accreditation, so I guess that whole “complexity” thing doesn’t stand as a rule of thumb for putting the lives of Kansas women in jeopardy.

The amendment was withdrawn due to lack of support. Representative DeGraaf can sleep well tonight knowing he stepped up to the microphone and stood up for the deadbeat dads of Kansas, knowing that he remains consistent in his anti-woman stance. 

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