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Ultrasounds? Lawmakers in Pennsylvania Want to Force You to Have One, But They Can’t Even Say the Word

Robin Marty

How unpopular are ultrasound bills becoming?  Legislators don't even want to say the word anymore.

Although many states are still attempting to pass mandatory ultrasound bills, the effect that the Virginia “trans-vaginal” battle has had on the debate is becoming much more obvious.

Politicians, afraid of anything that might conjure up the association with “trans-vaginal” are trying to avoid saying “ultrasound” at all.

Take, for example, this article in the Pennsylvania Republican Herald.  Interviewing the entire slate of GOP legislators in Schuylkill County, each one refused to say ultrasound, and instead said it was about “information.”

“I really think it’s good legislation,” state Rep. Jerry Knowles, R-124, a co-sponsor of House Bill 1077, the proposed legislation, said Thursday. “There’s nothing wrong with information.”

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Although state Rep. Mike Tobash, R-125, had been a co-sponsor of the bill, he said Thursday that he no longer is.

“I have reservations about it,” said Tobash, who added that he still supports the general idea behind it. “I felt the information was good. The bill is more intrusive than I think it should be.”

“I generally take a pro-life stance. I think the general idea of giving women more information at that point in time is good,” he said. “I think good information is important.”

The word “information” is used by the three Republicans, one of whom is a bill sponsor and another a former sponsor who pulled his name off of it, six times in their quotes.

As for the word “ultrasound”?  Not once.

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