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Louisiana Proposes Bill To Outlaw “Aggravated Criminal Abortion by Dismemberment”

Robin Marty

Does that make abortions performed by physicians "legal abortion by dismemberment?"

The state of Louisiana is introducing a bill that will forbid anyone but a licensed physician from performing abortions in the state.

And, in the process, it appears to also define any non-medication induced abortion performed by a “non-physician” as “dismemberment.”


Abortions performed “by any individual who is not a physician licensed by the state of Louisiana” would be a crime under legislation filed Thursday by Sen. Rick Ward III, D-Maringouin. Ward said his Senate Bill 330 would apply to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physicians’ assistants, nurses aides and those with no medical training at all.

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Ward’s bill also would create the crime of “aggravated criminal abortion by dismemberment,” in which the non-physician uses clamps, forceps or other means to dismember the fetus during the abortion. Anyone convicted of that crime would face a prison sentence of at least one year and up to 10 years, a minimum $10,000 fine and a maximum $100,000 fine, or both a fine and jail term.

Another interesting part of the bill?  Doctors must certify in writing that a woman undergoing a procedure to remove a miscarried fetus or a failing pregnancy did in fact need the procedure for that reason, with files and ultrasounds to prove the diagnosis.

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