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Florida Abortion Restrictions Pass House, Called “Righteous War For Children”

Robin Marty

A Florida state legislator decides children outrank women on the "righteous" scale.

The Florida House has voted to pass another batch of abortion restrictions, this time focusing on doctor “training” and procedures, clinic ownership rules and a 24-hour wait before obtaining a termination. 

But don’t you dare call these rules part of the war on women.

Via the Miami Herald:

Passage of HB 277 was unsurprising in the conservative-dominated House, though a handful of lawmakers from both sides broke party lines in the 78-33 vote.

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“This isn’t an insidious war against women,” said Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, echoing a talking point from debate. “It’s a righteous war for children.”

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This “righteous war for children” includes physicians taking ethics training classes, providing false info to women claiming fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks, administering unneeded anesthesia during an abortion, and not allowing trained medical professionals who are not doctors to open new clinics in the state.

The bill is now being sent to the Florida State Senate, where it is unclear if a vote will occur before the session ends this year.

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