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Minnesota Senator Al Franken Testifies Against the Blunt Amendment

Robin Marty

The Democratic Senator calls the proposal to allow employers to veto health coverage they morally object to "a deeply worrying case of one person's hand meeting another's face."

Many lawmakers came to the floor of the Senate to speak out against the Blunt Amendment — a proposal that would allow any employer to refuse to include coverage of any health service, intervention, method or prescription drug to which he or she “morally” objects. 

But among the most passionate was Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

“[T]his proposal doesn’t simply put women’s access to birth control in the hands of their employers. It doesn’t simply allow politics to get between women and their doctors. It changes the way that health care is provided in our country. And it violates a core belief in our society, that our religious decisions are our own, and that each of us-every woman and man in our society-has the right to make decisions about our own health for ourselves and our families.”

Watch Sen. Franken’s full floor speech below.

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