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Australia’s Only Clinic For Later Term Surgical Abortions Will No Longer Provide Services After 24 Weeks

Robin Marty

Any Australian woman needing a later term abortion will now need to induce a pregnancy, and only under very strict circumstances.

Women of Australia will no longer be able to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks unless the fetus has a congenital defect, as the country’s only later term surgical abortion center announces it is discontinuing the service.

Via The Herald Sun:

AUSTRALIA’S only clinic offering women late-term surgical abortions has scrapped the service sparking concerns it could lead to a rise in backyard abortions.

The Croydon clinic will no longer give abortions to women post 24 weeks.

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Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson said she was concerned that if women could not access the legitimate health service it could lead to unsafe solutions.

“The worst case scenario is that it will lead to backyard abortions,” Ms Wilson said.

It was the only clinic in the southern hemisphere to offer the medical procedure.

Although a woman’s hospital will provide late abortions, they will not allow them in any case that does not involve a fetal abnormality, and will only provide the service by inducing the pregnancy and putting the pregnant woman into an early labor.

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