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Another Example of How TRAP Laws Work

Robin Marty

More clinics in Illinois are spending large amounts of money to fix "safety issues" after inspections.

A woman’s reproductive health clinic in Rockford, Illinois, was shut down due to “health violations,” and despite updating and paying fines was unable to reopen.  They closed primarily as a victim of the state’s new TRAP law (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers), which seeks to add onerous and expensive rules explicitly for clinics that provide abortions.

Now, a clinic in Peoria is putting out large amounts of money as well in order to clear off pages and pages of “violations” that the department of health has cited them for.

Via The PJ Star:

Since the inspection, National Health Services has instituted a number of changes, including rewriting charts to indicate physicians reviewed patient medical histories and physical exams; renewing and updating files on physicians’ credentials and hospital privileges; and training or re-training staff on pre- and post-operative emergency procedures. Additionally, licensed practical nurses will no longer administer intravenous medications and no LPNs or registered nurses will perform duties beyond their scope of practice. A maintenance log has been established to document regular equipment sterilization and all medications and narcotics will be locked away at all times.

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The clinic spent about $10,000 to meet requirements of a separate architectural inspection. Almost $4,000 of the amount went to replacing wooden doors of two storage rooms with fireproof doors, Van Duyn said.

Spending $4000 on fireproof doors in order to keep the clinic open?  Once more, this is how TRAP laws work to outlaw abortion by trying to close providers via over-regulation.

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