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Will Jim Bob Be Santorum’s V.P.?

Robin Marty

Those Duggars sure are spending a lot of time on the campaign trail.

Jim Bob Duggar and a good chunk of his Quiverful crew popped onto the scene at the last minute in Rick Santorum’s Iowa campaign, and their involvement just may have been part of what tipped those last few votes that made the race a virtual tie.

Now, they’re back on the trail in South Carolina, hoping to do it again.

Via the New York Times:

The crowd gasped audibly when out came Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the stars of the reality television show “19 and Counting,” along with five of their 19 children and two grandchildren.

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“We totally believe that Rick Santorum is the best candidate,” Mr. Duggar said, speaking with a polish earned through television work since 2003, when the family had its debut with a show called “14 Children and Pregnant Again,” and his family’s near nonstop campaigning for Mr. Santorum since early January, before his surprise surge in the Iowa primary.

“He has proven that he always stands for life,” Mrs. Duggar said of the candidate, and drew huge applause when she praised Mr. Santorum’s role in banning the procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

Then the five Duggar children in the room — two on guitar, two on violin and the oldest son, Joshua, on vocals – regaled the crowd with patriotic song: “This Is My Country,” “This Land Is Your Land” and “God Bless America.”

So, what’s with so much Jim Bob?  We all know that he has his own political ambitions.  Could it be he’s vying for a little payback from Santorum should he actually get the nomination?

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