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Take Back the Teddies!

Robin Marty

Ohio senators return "heartbeat bears" provided in a publicity stunt.

Last week, supporters of the Ohio Heartbeat ban – which could be the most onerous ban on abortion in the country – lobbied their state senate with both little kids and bears that play beating heart noises.

Now, the senators want to return the bears to their owners.


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According to The Columbus Dispatch, senators want to return the bears because they are estimated to cost around $30 to $35, which the legislators would have to legally report as gifts on financial-disclosure forms.

“I’m not sure what I would do with it. I don’t have a grandchild that would be able to use it,” said Mike Rowe, spokesman for the Senate’s Democrats, to the newspaper.

Ironically, the supporters don’t want the bears back, and said to give them to a crisis pregnancy center instead.  Which sort of symbolizes the whole anti-choice movement right there.

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