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Anti-Choice Activists Torn On Terry Ads

Robin Marty

Randall Terry plans to air graphic anti-abortion ads during the Super Bowl. Many anti-choicers are opposed.

A large majority of the online anti-choice community is very supportive of former Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry’s plan to air graphic ads during the Super Bowl, saying it’s time the “truth” got out to everyone.

But not everyone agrees it’s a good idea.  One writer at LiveAction, an anti-choice activism site run by Lila Rose, writes:

[T]here’s a time and a place for everything, and the Super Bowl’s probably not the place for dead babies. For years, I’ve helped the Pro-Life Wisconsin booth at the Fond du Lac, WI County Fair, and when the question of using this material has come up, we’ve concluded that it would do more harm than good. 

When pro-life activists go to fairs, football games, etc., they’re reaching out to people who have shown up for fun, family, community, and relaxation. They’re not out for a fight, to be sickened or depressed, or to solve the world’s problems. Particularly in venues where our message is entirely unsolicited, it fosters more goodwill to be considerate of people’s sensibilities with positive messages than it does to show brutality to their children when they’re just trying to watch football.

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Regardless, it will be fascinating to see the result of Randall Terry’s experiment. Either his commercial will cement in people’s minds the stereotype of pro-lifers as out-of-touch extremists, or it will shock a new wave of souls into standing up for the unborn.

Terry is still fundraising to actually put the ads on the air via local networks.

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