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Colorado Board Approves Ballot Initiative for Third Attempt at Egg-as-Person Law

Robin Marty

And the third attempt to pass an "egg as person" amendment in Colorado is underway.

The third attempt in Colorado to pass a constitutional amendment declaring a fertilized egg is a person is well underway with state board approval of the ballot title.

Via the Denver Post:

The ballot title states the amendment concerns extension of constitutional rights to all humans at any stage of development, and it declares protections of life “apply equally to all innocent persons.” It further prohibits “the intentional killing of any innocent person.”

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The ballot title “clarifies” that the amendment affects only “methods of birth control or assisted reproduction that kill an innocent person.”

The measure, the title states, wouldn’t prohibit some forms of contraception, in vitro fertilization, medical treatment for life-threatening physical conditions — nor would it apply to cases of spontaneous miscarriages.

The measure would specifically prohibit “the killing of a person created through rape or incest committed by the father,” the title states.

Colorado voters have twice soundly rejected so-called personhood amendments.

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