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Arkansas AG Rejects Personhood Arkansas’ Amendment As “Misleading”

Robin Marty

The AG calls the language too "ambiguous."

The state of Arkansas has been attempting to put its own “fertilized egg-as-person” amendment on the state ballot. But the state attorney general has rejected their proposal, calling the amendment language too misleading and politically charged.

Via Arkansas News:

For example, the attorney general said, the ballot title makes no mention that the measure would prohibit the use of public funds for abortion except when the mother’s life is in danger and would authorize the Legislature to prohibit abortion under any circumstances to the extent permitted under the U.S. Constitution.

“Yet, the popular name makes no reference whatsoever to this emotionally charged subject,” McDaniel said, calling the measure’s name — The Paramount Right to Life — “a clear-cut example of the partisan coloring of ballots which we have uniformly condemned in our decisions holding that a ballot name must be fair and impartial.”

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Is is just me, or does “Paramount Right to Life” sound like the initiative has a corporate movie sponsor?

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